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Don't we have a certain responsibility to raise our voices concerning severe world affairs and dramatic turns in history? Can’t we overcome the lack of communication we face nowadays in the information era? Is there no way to use old and new media to create a meeting point, where we can reflect about the past and build a new tomorrow?

NY REFLEXION is not looking to find "the" answer for 9/11 and it does not want to reproduce "the" public opinion – if there is such a public opinion anyway. NY REFLEXION is offering an open space for diverse point of views and is giving us the possibility to disclose the complex and differentiated dimension of 9/11.

NY REFLEXION embraces also another idea: It is a declaration of love for New York, so everybody can write about her/his own connection to this remarkable city. So we can say that NY REFLEXION is connected to history via 9/11, but also to our very own (hi)story and stories concerning New York.

This declaration of love, this platform of diversity ten years after 9/11 is our unique opportunity to reflect. Right here. Right now.

NY REFLEXION is indeed a message of peace to those who want to reconnect to their feelings and to the ones who appreciate to pause for a moment and think about where we stand today. This joint and dedicated work in progress on this online platform will lead to the book "NY REFLEXION" (to be published in 2012) - an extensive attempt to reflect about 9/11 and to share our love for New York. Add your voice to this chorus and sway in its vibration!

With dedicated greetings,

Günther G. König


The logo "NY": The belts in the center (the one part of the N and the other one part of the Y) symbolize the two collapsing WTC towers.

The "X" in the word REFLEXION stands for the Latin number 10 and also as a cross that invites us to focus on central matters of public concern.

The "II" on the INTRO block on the welcome page of symbolize the two WTC towers and stand for "11".

The stars with blue background on the INTRO block are a symbol for the night, which shall remind us of the hidden in the dark.

The "X" on the INFO block stands for the Latin number 10 and represents the two WTC towers collapsing.

The background in white and red is moving like a wave and reminds us that everything is constantly in motion, nothing is standing still.

The "=" on the BOOK block stands for the two collapsed WTC towers, but symbolize also an equal sign that can remind us that we all are equal.



I was born in Graz, Austria, in 1970. Today I am living in Vienna. As an artist, I am doing fine arts, photographs, landscaping and interior design.

With NY REFLEXION I am putting together a visual and written reflection on New York. I am a very connected observer of this wonderful city. As a European I have been often welcomed by New York. Now I am returning the favor: NY REFLEXION has several hundred photos and will have personal statements from people like you.

NY REFLEXION is a platform to show how different people deal with 9/11. How has it changed the life of the people of New York, in the US and worldwide?

Ten years after 9/11 is a good occasion to reflect on individual, group and state responsibility.

But NY REFLEXION is not a political tract. It will be a book of experience, yours, mine and others. New York has this amazing ability to liberate a person’s capacity for perception, awareness and consciousness. I love to experience myself in New York – I breathe differently there and I then see the world differently after leaving New York.

My love for NY makes me thinking that this city is more than a North American metropolis. Many things have been said about New York. Numerous films show a different picture of this unrivaled place at the Hudson River. Once I think I have captured the magic of this city, it already changed: In New York things grow fast and cease to exist fast, as well. So what makes New York to New York? I think she is a myth of the idea of being free. It is also a myth of thinking that we are allowed to be free. I call it a myth since this thought is also part of an illusion. Many of my New Yorker friends are happy to live in this city. Yet they are not happy with themselves. The supposed freedom can lead into a kind of captivity. NY is tempting, NY requires 24 hours of attention. NY always requires attention and keeps you spellbound. NY is like a drug.

Before I got in touch with New York I have been to India many times. New York seems to be the symbol of the Western – and India of the Eastern civilization. The perception of the world could not be more different from these points of view. It is actually this difference which appeals to me so much. It makes me happy to learn how and where different things can be unified. It makes me happy to experience this magic moment where I integrate strange and foreign things into my being. It gives me some kind of inner peace. It makes me feel alive.

New York makes big egos visible.
This is probably why New York allows me see my ego from a certain distance – except when I go shopping. This book was created in the spirit of not having an intention or a desire. I created this book to re-discover myself in this wonderful city. This way New York is becoming a wonderland to me over and over again. The city communicates to me in many ways. It either screams to me at Times Square or it whispers to me at four in morning in Central Park. Either rendezvous with the city I will never forget: How many times I was sitting at the waterfront just by myself, falling in love with the beauty of the skyline? There is nothing more sexy than this silhouette. The erotic appearance of New York is like a high power source to me. In New York I can do things that I can probably not do anywhere else. Does everybody feel this way?

Somebody told me that the famous Austrian jazz musician Joe Zawinul – who unfortunately died too early – was once asked why he lives in New York. He answered that when he leaves his apartment in Soho he gets the wonderful feeling at the street that he is there where it actually happens. I truly understand this feeling. In New York I often feel that I am at the right place. I never wish to be at a different place then. This feels like arriving, like finding my home. I am then at the place where history is written – even when it is only my history. What else can I desire from a place?

My personal vision of a love declaration is NY REFLEXION, showing the magic of this city. And although I am not a camera technician that personal vision shows me the possibility of a space – the one I am observing and the one I will interpret and create.

NY REFLEXION will exist in several formats. I want to reach out to as many different groups of people as possible. Many different people will contribute their comments and thoughts and reflections on their post 9/11 experience and on their on going New York relationship. Each format – be it coffee table books, paperbacks, postcards, my facebook group or this website – will provide spaces for the readers personal comments, thoughts and feelings. We will all be able to reflect, add our input and overcome a lack of communication in today's information era.

This is a project of love, diversity and faith with a strong connection to (our) history.
Be a part of it, dive into it and contribute your time - thank you for every donation and support in other ways to NY REFLEXION!

Thank you and vielen Dank for sharing.



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